Minecraft Server: How To Join

Join our server and contribute to a dynamic world of creativity and exploration! Build massive castles, pirate ships or sky scrappers. Learn commands, help with administrative task and more!

Mad Hatter Labs hosts an open world where just about anything goes. Our server is running Minecraft PocketMine supporting plugins for the Bedrock (previously Pocket Edition) version of Minecraft allowing cross platform gameplay. 

Server Rules

While Mad Hatter Labs encourages curiosity and creative exploration - we have a few rules established to make a positive experience for everyone. 

#1 Respect all players 

#2 No profanity

#3 No sharing of personal information 

Rules may be revised as needed.

Quick Join

Server Name: Mad Hatter Labs
Server Address: mc.madhatterlabs.ca
Port: 19235

Need help?

Join via Windows 10/Android/iOS

The following steps will help you join our server. Note: in-order to join, you must have a Microsoft account.

Step One: Launch Minecraft 

Step Two: Select Play

Step Three: Select Servers

Step Four: Select "Add Server". You may have to scroll to the bottom of the server list.

Step Five: Input the following information and click save.

Server name: Mad Hatter Labs

Server address: mc.madhatterlabs.ca

Port: 19235

You can now join the server from the previous server list.

Join via Console - PS4/Nintendo Switch/ Xbox

Unfortunately, console version has limited personal servers and only allows players to join 'Featured' servers. Thankfully, there is a work around provided by Pugmatt utilizing his tool BedrockConnect allowing console versions of Minecraft to join our server. To read more about how this works, visit his GitHub:

While it seems complex at first, after completing setup, it seems to work flawlessly.

This instruction has been completed on Nintendo Switch, though configuration should be the same on other consoles.

Prior to instructions, make sure your Minecraft is up to date.

Step One

From your home screen, click 'Settings'. Scroll to 'Internet' then 'Internet settings'. You will be brought to a list of wifi connections.

Select your connected wifi and click "Change Settings"

Click 'DNS Settings' and change to manual.

You will be prompted to input a 'Primary DNS' and a 'Secondary DNS'



Confirm and save.

Step Two

Launch Minecraft, and tap 'play'. You can see highlighted in green that we are already signed in with our Microsoft account. If you are not, you will need to click on the icon located in the same corner highlighted green and follow the link to link your account to your console. Online subscription for switch is required, and likely for PS4/Xbox.

We're almost there!

Step Three

After clicking play, we select 'servers' to get the screen below.

As long as we have properly applied the DNS settings in Step One, we should now be able to click on any one of the 'Featured' servers to be prompted with the following;

Tap 'Connect to a server'

Input the following 

Server address: mc.madhatterlabs.ca

Server port: 19235

** Be sure to slide the 'add to server list' to keep our server in your list.

Tap submit.

Step five

Step five is a victory dance. You should now be able to joint our server via Console! 

Remember, when you want to join again we click on any 'Featured' server under server list to be prompted with external servers

Hope to see you on there!

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