New Lab Bench

Lately we have been revamping and organizing which seems to be a seasonal trait after Christmas. One room needing attention and some reorganizing was our lab. Our previous table was a kitchen table with a thin piece of 1/4 inch plywood ontop, originally made to play Warhammer.

As our labs and crafts increased, it was apparent we needed stable table appropriate for all of us to comfortably work.

We found a beautiful cabinet base that originally was an armoir - somewhat converted for a bathroom sink. It is super sturdy.

We originally wanted to do a butcher block top, however; opted for two pieces of 3/4 premium plywood and laminated them together with a generous amount of spread PL Premium and screws. 

After sanding, we stained it 3 coats of cherry stain, then did multiple coats of Polyurethane to help protect it.

Building a better table has upped the comfort level for labs, and everyone seems to enjoy it!

New Lab Bench New Lab Bench Reviewed by jimdotdev on January 25, 2022 Rating: 5

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