Canoe Overhaulin'

After owning our family canoe for over 10 years, Brodie and I decided it was time to revisit it and prepare it use once again.

Trolling Motor Mount

Our first mod was to create a mounting bracket for our trolling motor. A trolling motor is a electric motor that propels the canoe, kayak or boat it's attached to. This comes in handy when fishing allowing to "troll" with lures out, or steadily cast into areas with out having to paddle.

In the past, we would directly mount our trolling motor to side of our canoe. To add comfort and improve turning, we built a mount that clamps on using bolts and 3D printing knobs. The bolts go through to a "T Nut" and we are able to easily mount and unmount for transport.


"Outriggers" help stabilize a canoe or kayak. With the addition of one or more, we are able to reduce "roll" and increase the stability of our canoe.

A while back, we had made outriggers using crutches and buoy boat bumpers. This time around, we printed a few parts to help hold and clean up how they attached, avoiding rope that hooks would get caught up on. To mount the crutches to the canoe, we used flag pole holders and the first time we did this I welded brackets using 2 1/2 inch exhaust clamps.

We designed and printed knobs for the nuts to make it a tooless removal if necessary.

Extend Trolling Motor Cable

Weighing considerably more than Brodie and while also having the motor, anchor, and more - we did worry of there being too much weight on the back end. With the trolling battery weighing approximately 60 pounds, we were a able to shift it more towards his side by extending the trolling motor cable to help counter some of the weight.

When extending a trolling motor cable, it is important to use a heavier gauge wire based on the amperage being drawn and the length you are looking to achieve. 

The result has been amazing - this old canoe has proven to be a work horse and the addition of the version 2.0 outriggers has greatly improved the stability allowing us to stand up while we fish!

Check back for some our Outdoor Adventures! 


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